Daegu Chicken Beer Festival was TOP 5 among the festivals I have been to.
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Daegu Chicken Beer Festival was TOP 5 among the festivals I have been to.




At first, what would be fun about the Chicken Beer Festival?

I thought I should eat, drink and play without much expectation.

But Daegu itself was so exciting and there was so much to see.

I was not very interested in Korean music, but I thought I only know K-POP.

I was amazed by the singer named Kim Gwang-seok, who is decorated up to the big street.

I'm curious about what kind of person decorates the street.




I took pictures of the street and went to the Donghwasa temple.

It was my first time to go to a temple in Korea, but it was my first time to go up by cable car.

I thought I'd only walk on dirt roads because it's a mountain, but there's a lot of stone and a lot of bridge

I had a lot to see.

Everywhere I stopped, I found a place to take a picture.

It was a good place to leave memories.




Finally, I came to attend the festival.

It's not a festival that I thought of eating and drinking lightly. It's a big festival.

Many famous K-pop singers come and even if they stay still, they shake their bodies. 

The sound of the song made me drink and eat more than I expected, but it was great.

It was nice to eat and drink in a good mood.

When the sun went down and night fell, the lights were so beautiful.

It's like I enjoyed a big music festival, so I still remember it.

If I get a chance again, I want to enjoy the festival once more.​