Daegu Palgong Cable Car
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Daegu Palgong Cable Car


I have been riding the Palgongsan Cable Car, where i can see the scenery of Palgongsan Mountain in Daegu at a glance.

After entering, I go up to the uphill path,  buy the ticket and finally faced the Palgong cable car.




It was so high that it was 820 meters above sea level and I was dizzy

But on the way up, I felt refreshed as I faced the fantastic scenery of Palgongsan with my eyes.




Sillimbong Summit Station, where the Palgongsan Cable Car arrived, is also a representative place where you can make a wish with Gatbawi Rock.

I got off the cable car and went up the stairs with the sign of Sillimbong 820m above sea level.

There was a photo zone. My legs were shaking while I was taking pictures in the photo zone.


The view from the top of Sillimbong Peak was magnificent and beautiful with a clear view.




And at the hill of wishes, I saw the wish rock  and it was the third largest wish-making course in the Palgong Dynasty.

It is said that there will be more trips during the CSAT season.

It is said that the way to make a wish is to attach a coin to a rock so that the coin will not fall and the wish will come true.




I attached the coin to the rock and made them wouldn't fall, then I made a wish.

There was also a place called Tunnel Walkway of Love, and I thought it would be nice to come to a tunnel with couples or family members that consists of 5 themes

I was riding down the cable car again, but I came down a little late to see the night view.


The mountain was a little chilly, but the night view on the way down the cable car

In another sense, I could see the downtown of Daegu at a glance.

I won't forget the memories of the Palgong Cable Car, where even the night view was perfect.​