Daegu Donghwasa Temple
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Daegu Donghwasa Temple


I went to a place called Donghwasa Temple in Daegu that boasts 1,500 years of history and tradition.

From the first way there was the air and scenery of nature, so I felt more relaxed in my mind and mind.


I heard that Donghwasa Templestay is famous.

Donghwasa Temple Stay is one of 137 temple stays in Korea with excellent contents.

It was selected as one of the places, so I went to experience it in person.

Due to the famous temple stay, there was a schedule for relaxation programs.




And then i get and changed my clothes, and ate the food of the Donghwasa Temple.

I was really happy because it was a place where I could experience Donghwasa Temple properly.


Donghwa Temple is also located in Palgongsan Mountain, a famous mountain in Korea for its beauty.

Therefore, there were many beautiful scenery of nature in the temple.


After I finished eating, I had time to go hiking in Palgongsan Mountain myself.

The road was high and hard, but when I got to the top,

What was hard was forgotten because of the beautiful scenery in my eyes




In Donghwa Temple, there were many cultural heritages other than Palgongsan Mountain.

You could see The advocacy gate, the Sungbo Museum, and the Unification Great Buddha .

And I could even take a beautiful picture by taking pictures of it under the lantern.


And when you go to the phoenix tail rock and the phoenix egg, you touch it with your hands and pray,

I made a wish there because it was said that my wish was fulfilled.

You could have made a wish on a wish bell, but when the wind blew, the sound of the bell bumping.

There was a pleasant sound, as if playing an instrument.





Thanks to the many cultural heritages of Dongwhasa Temple andwonderful natural landscapes, 

the eyes were also pleasant and mysterious, and it was good to have a healthy trip.​