My trip to Daegu
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My trip to Daegu was really great and special! I heard a lot about this city before, I heard that is the hottest city in Korea and one of the greatest cities for having fun, shopping, going out and all my expectations turned out to be true. I chose the tour with K Travel bus and the first destination was Daegu Somun Market! Before I havent visited Korean traditional markets, it was my first experince and I was truly impressed. The most interseting thing for me was the abundabce of various

oriental spices and special herbs. Many of them are good for health are used for tradional medicine.  


So after visiting this place going to Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum was even more interesting. Here were shown how to use medical herbs and had a chance to drink some special medical tea.

The next destination was Kim Gwangeok-gil Street. This is a mural street near Bancheon market where the now decreased Kim Gwangseok used to live. The long wall has statues and murals, which depict his life and music. Every fall, the area of Bangcheon Market and Dongseongno hosts a singing contest in honor of Kim Gwangseok. I loved there so much!



We also were lucky to visit The Traditinal Guam Farm at the end.