Daegu Trip with K-Travel Bus

If you been to Seoul for a week and then say “Korea got nothing much to see! Other than shopping and food, there’s nothing interesting in Korea!”. I would like to tell you that you’re wrong is so many ways, this is my 4th year living in Korea and there are so much to explore!

If you don’t know me, I’m a budget backpacker who willing to choose the lowest price over comfort / luxurious, but now I’m sharing something  which is totally opposite of my traveling style. Recently I came across something which I would like to share, is called “K-Travel Bus”, is like a ground tour package that brings you to other places in South Korea other than Seoul.

Last week K-Travel Bus gave me a free pass, indirectly telling me “Come with us, let us prove you wrong!”, since is free, why not? Without any expectation, K-Travel Bus gave me the most enjoyable trip in my 4 years stay in Korea, these are the reasons why…

1. Budget
Mentioned earlier, I’m always travel on a tight budget. My goal is to travel more places, spend lesser money. K-Travel Bus package cost about $170 till $220 depending on which tour package you select(They have a total of 6 different location to be selected). For this trip, I went to Daegu, and it cost about $190 per person. Now let me break down and show the difference with going by myself.

By Myself
Bus ticket Seoul – Daegu (2ways) $70
Public transportation within Daegu (for 2days) $20
Budget dormitory style guesthouse $15
Food (2Breakfast, 2Lunch, 1Dinner) $65
Entry tickets (1cable car ride, 2museum, 1farm, 1leg massage) $40
Total $210
This estimation is the lowest, if you’re familiar with Korea, you know you might need to spend more than this.

By K-Travel Bus
Luxurious bus
3-4 star hotel
Nice Food
Entry tickets with tour guide
Total $190

When signing up for a tour will be cheaper than traveling there alone, do you still expect me to go alone? Maybe yes, but I will still chose the cheapest option….


2. Time
If you’re traveling alone, you may need to spend hours before the trip, plan and make sure every details is complete before leaving. Once there, you may spend a lot of time looking at your map/GPS, figuring which transportation will bring you to your next location. Yes, it could be fun, but you may visit limited places in one day.

K-Travel Bus provide a tour bus from Seoul to Daegu, and travel every part of Daegu with the bus. All you need to do is sit down and enjoy the scenery. K-Travel Bus did NOT bring us to places where they lock you in a room and explain their “Local Product” which are so “Useful” and so “Cheap” that you “Will Not Able” to find it anywhere else in South Korea. (If is really that useful and cheap, do you think the local Korean are so stupid that they don’t know about it and no one in Korea is trying to sell it somewhere else?)


3. Comfort
I’m got so used to carry my huge backpack everywhere, standing in public transportation, walking for hours, and I will feel exhausted by the end of the day, resting on a not-so-comfortable bunked bed in a shared dormitory with unknown strangers who might snore during the night.

However, when I travel with K-Travel Bus, I can leave my bags in the bus and carry my camera only to every location, just lay back in the bus till we reach the next destination, the ground tour still require us to walk, but the travel bus will wait for us on the other end, and the end of the night 8 of us are still energetic for a long chit chat and game bonding session in my hotel room.


4. Food
I need to mention this!!! Searching for food in somewhere you’re not familiar is always the hardest part. Normally the travel tour will bring you to some Only-For-Foreigners Restaurant(these restaurant only serves customers who brought here by the travel tours) and is obvious they do not serve good food, that’s why their only customers are from the tours and not the local. 

However for this 2D1N trip, other than the breakfast they gave us in the bus and the breakfast in the hotel we stayed. Our lunch and dinner were at normal local restaurant which are packed with locals and it is the type of food Daegu is famous for!


5. Experience 
Going somewhere alone, get to try anything and everything I want, take tons of pictures and selfies. Achinevement unlocked, Awesome!

Going with K-Travel Bus, I meet random strangers who came alone, all of us was expecting “Follow a tour, but travel alone”, but we went there as stranger, came back as best buddies. Awesome memories, meaningful pictures, once a life time experience.

I could continue going on writing about my wonderful experience I had with K-Travel Bus, but the more I write, the more you expect, the less you will be amaze about it. I went with empty expectation, and now I got something to talk about when someone ask me “What is your most memorable moment in South Korea?”

If you still wanna know more about my Daegu Trip with K-Travel Bus, stay tune for my next post!