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  I will visit Kim Kwang-seok-gil street again.  
Kim Kwang-Seok-gil Street  Kim Kwang-seok, who is now unseen, I visited Daegu because there is an alley inmemory of him. Kim Kwang-seok was born in Daegu and has done various musicalactivi..
ruanmx 2020.01.01
 Daegu – Kim Kwangseok-gil Street Review  
<Daegu – Kim Kwangseok-gil Street Review>   I went to Daegu Kim Kwangseok-gil Street, which have been steadily gaining popularity as a Daegu dating course.   ..
Zulily 2019.12.14
 Daegu Chicken Beer Festival was TOP 5 among the festivals I have been to.  
Daegu Chicken Beer Festival was TOP 5 among the festivals I have been to.   At first, what would be fun about the Chicken Beer Festival?I thought I should eat, drink and play without ..
min 2019.11.29
 Daegu Palgong Cable Car  
Daegu Palgong Cable Car I have been riding the Palgongsan Cable Car, where i can see the scenery of Palgongsan Mountain in Daegu at a glance.After entering, I go up to the uphill path,  bu..
Kevin 2019.10.30
 Daegu Donghwasa Temple  
Daegu Donghwasa Temple I went to a place called Donghwasa Temple in Daegu that boasts 1,500 years of history and tradition.From the first way there was the air and scenery of nature, so I felt ..
131231 2019.09.27
 2日1夜 - 大邱炸雞啤酒節 (대구 치맥페스티벌) DAY2  
意想不到的收穫~宋仲基! 宋仲基! 宋仲基!​youtube: 宋仲基的TrunQ Korea-大邱 (1&2)​↓​HOTEL SUSUNG (호텔 수성)​​好surprised 房間很大~很乾淨 而且早餐是西式buffet ​seriously物有所值!!!​MUZI & CON: ..
Rosemuzi 2016.08.06
 2日1夜 - 大邱炸雞啤酒節 (대구 치맥페스티벌) DAY1  
2日1夜逃離首爾之旅 - 大邱 ​闊別2年後重遊舊地​ 集合地點光化門​東和免稅店還是挺容易找的 不過 K Travel Bus 還有其他Tour​ ​不要上錯車就好了ㅋㅋㅋ 早上出..
Rosemuzi 2016.08.04
 My Daegu Trip  
   I visited many places in Daegu during this trip. From modern streets, apsan observatory, textile museum, palgongsan rock. But what I really enjoyed was the street of Kim where..
Stephanie Tolland 2016.06.13
 My trip to Daegu  
My trip to Daegu was really great and special! I heard a lot about this city before, I heard that is the hottest city in Korea and one of the greatest cities for having fun, shopping, going out..
Stella 2016.06.10
 Daegu Trip with K-Travel Bus  
If you been to Seoul for a week and then say “Korea got nothing much to see! Other than shopping and food, there’s nothing interesting in Korea!”. I would like to tell you that you’re wrong is so ma.. 2016.05.31
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