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kanae 2016.08.14
 Had great time in Damyang with K-Travel Bus!  
I visited Jeollanam-do Province Damyang,Gokseong, Yeosu, and Suncheon area on June 28th and 29th.I was so worried because the weather report said that it would rain on that day. But luckily it didn’..
Chloe 2016.08.02
 Amazing Yeosu and Fresh Damyang Forest  
Well I was so much wondering about seeing a real bamboo forest. All my expectations came true! The bamboo forest is perfect place t feel freshness during the day, to walk along narrow paths and feel..
Kate Ericsson 2016.06.17
 First time in Damyang  
I went on K-Travel Bus to Jeollanam-do where many people recommended me to visit Damyang, the land of bamboo.I really enjoyed the magnificent scenery. It was peaceful and the smell of the bamboo was..
Damien Fenicken 2016.06.13
 My favorite course in Jeollanam-do region!  
 I went on K-Travel Bus last year, and it was just a total mind blowing experience for me to look at the beauty of Korea.  I took the Jeollanam-do course. Suncheonman Bay Wetland was ..
Corey Berlando 2016.06.13